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Master 1st year

S. Bernard M. Pietri
Université Paris Descartes
Université Paris Descartes

Semester 1 & Semester 2

The first year of the BME-Paris Master (M1) is intended to strengthen and broaden students’ capacities in specific engineering and biomedical subjects.

Considering the wide variety of academic origins and background of the students, five 6-credit (ECTS) courses (UE) chosen from among the eight offered must be taken during the first semester of the M1 year in order to fill-in gaps in individual students’ capacities in a wide spectrum of fundamental science subjects. For example, an engineering undergraduate is required to take Anatomy & Physiology (UE 1.1) and a life-science or medical school undergraduate has to follow courses in signal processing (UE 1.11) and solid or fluid mechanics (UE 1.6).

In preparation for their 2nd year of studies (M2), students must select one or several pre-specialization courses (a total of five are proposed) during the second semester.

Example of course Schedule

Semester 1 Semester 2
UE 1.0 Seminars, projects, language, scientific culture UE 2.1 Scientific communication
UE 1.1 Anatomy & Physiology UE 2.2 Economy and management
UE 1.2 Life chemistry and biocompatibility UE 2.3 Physics for biology
UE 1.3 Molecular, cell, tissue biology UE 2.4 Pre-Specialization: BIM, BM², MCB, S2I2, B2I,
UE 1.4 Medicine and science UE 2.5 Lab training, research internship, tutored project
UE 1.5 Statistics for system biology  
UE 1.6 Fluid & solid mechanics
UE 1.7 Computational biology
UE 1.8 Physics for biomedical imaging
UE 1.9 Advanced organic chemistry
UE 1.10 Mathematics & informatics
UE 1.11 Applied mathematics for signal processing


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